6 spanish sentences
ABC song
Airplane sound
Ambulance sound
An apple
Anniversary waltz
Are you sleeping ?
Ave maria
Babie girl
Baby come around
Baby cry
Baby laugh
Bear sound
Bee sound
Beep lotto sound
Big spender
Bird + water
Bird sound
Brahm’s lullby
Break wind
Camera scroll
Car horn
Car sound
Cat sound
Cheer up sound
Chicken sound
China national anthem
Chun jiang hua yue ye
Cicada sound
Cicadas sound
Co co jumbo
Cough + no smoking
Cough sound
Cow sound
Cricket sound
Cuckoo sound
Darling, I love you
Ding dong
Dinosaur sound
Dog sound
Dolphin sound
Don’t say goodbye
Drum beat
Dub-I dub
Duck sound
Easter parade
Elephant sound
Feliz navidad / Silent night
Fire engine sound
Firecracker sound
Flams of love
For Alice
Friendship forever
Frog sound
Frog sound
Gasp dog
Ghost sound
glass broken
Gling gang goolly
Good morning
Gun sound
Hao ren yi sheng ping an
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy easter
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
Heart beat
Hello ! Welcome
Hello, how are you?
Hen sound
Hideand seek
Ho! Merry X’mas
Home sweet home
Horn 1
Horn 3
Horse sound
How much is that doggie in the window
I love you
Indian song
It’s a small world
Japanese song
Jin she kuang wu
Jingle bell
Jingle bell
Jingle bell / Santa /X’mas
Jiu yuejiu de jiu
Ke wang
Kid’s laughter
King kong
Kiss sound
Lan hua cao
Last christmas
Laughter bag
Lemon tree
Leopard sound
Let me call you sweet heart
Liang zhu
Lion sound
Liu san jie
London / Macdonald / little star
London bridge is falling down
Love me tender
Love story
Love story / Love me tender
Lu zhai he fang
Ma / da / cry / laugh
Mary had a little lamb
Melody Song Name
Merry x’mas / Jingle bell
Mom’s the best
Monkey 1
Motorcycle sound
Music box dancer
My heart will go on
O solenoid
Old macdonald
Old macdonald had a farm
One more two more
One two three
Open a little teapot
Orangutan sound
Owl sound
Parrot sound
Penguin sound
Pig sound
Plush toilet sound
Police car sound
Quan shui ding dong
Red osed reindeer
Ring a ling
Rock a by baby
Rock a bye baby
Rocket sound
Rooster sound
Rudoph the red nosed reindeer
Santa claus is coming to town
Seal sound
Sha la la
Sheep sound
Shi wu de yue liang
Silent night
Sneeze sound (F)
Snore sound
Spanish “old macdonald had a farm”
Spanish “Susanna”
Spanish alphabet song
Spring sound
Start +engine 2
Start engine
Sunny holiday
Tai shan sound
Tao sheng yi jiu
Teddy bear’s picnic
Thank you
The cap of life
The more we get together
The morning song
There is a girl
Thrush sound
Tic tic tac
Tiger sound
Train sound
Turkey sound
Twinkle twinkle little star
Twinkle twinkle little star
U.S. national anothenm
Walrus sound
We are the champ
We wish you a merry x’mas
Webbing march
Wedding march
Whale sound
When you wish
Whistle sound
Witch’s laughter
Wolf sound
Woman scream
You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine
Zhi yin